Virtual Care Platform – Inpatient AI-enabled Two-way Audio and Video embedded in the EHR

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Virtual Care

NESA Virtual Care is a groundbreaking AI and computer vision technology that is poised to revolutionize healthcare.

It can perceive different elements, recognize them, analyze them, and enable caregivers to act upon them in real-time, all within a single virtual care platform.

And best of all - it's embedded within leading EHR systems, so there is no additional system to learn or sign into.

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Advanced with AI

Trainable analytics that will alarm upon a specific patient behavior, movement or pose.

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NESA enables the virtual care platform of leading EHR providers, and enriches the experience with advanced AI features such as computer vision and meticulously trained clinical models.

By incorporating these AI enhancements directly into virtual workflows within the clinical setting, healthcare organizations can increase patient safety, improve clinical outcomes, enhance user experience, and optimize overall operational performance.

Solution Hardware

Fixed Ceiling or Wall Mount

1-Way Video
2-Way Audio

This is one of the more elegant hardware options where small, aesthetically pleasing cameras and speakers can be installed permanently from ceilings or on walls. Hanwha Vision and Commend are NESA's exclusive hardware providers for this installation type.

Mobile Cart

2-Way Video
2-Way Audio

The Mobile Cart offers two-way video and audio to support diverse clinical workflows, enabling remote communication and assessment of patients from virtually anywhere. Altus is NESA's exclusive mobile cart virtual care hardware provider, and has been serving as a valuable partner.

Fixed Wall Mount

2-Way Video
2-Way Audio

The Fixed Wall Mount is our two-way video and audio virtual care solution that enables early identification of potential issues, facilitating rapid intervention when needed. Altus is NESA's exclusive hardware provider of the Fixed Wall Mount deployment option.

Embedded TV

Entertainment Integration

This is an exciting product expected later in 2024. Soon, any mounted TV in a patient room can be quickly converted into a two-way virtual care device. This installation type can further streamline deployments, and integrate with leading edutainment platforms.


Hanwha Vision offers a comprehensive line of security and video surveillance solutions which include IP cameras that support up to 8K resolution, a video management system, video and audio analytics, multi-sensor technologies and device integration with a host of 3rd party application providers. Our intelligent surveillance solutions secure people, property and data, worldwide.

  • Largest enterprise video company in the world
  • Encrypted video transmission
  • NDAA complaint
  • S-Cert Data security
  • ISO 9001-certified manufacturing

As the world’s largest professional intercom company, Commend stands out with its ISO 27001and IEC 62443 certifications, ensuring top-tier cybersecurity and operational resilience. Their solutions provide industry-leading audio clarity and robust encryption, critical for secure and effective virtual healthcare communication.

  • Proprietary eHD Voice captures the full spectrum of human speech
  • Intelligent Volume Control and AI Noise Cancellation automatically adjusts audio levels to match ambient noise, ensuring crystal-clear interactions regardless of the environment.

Altus, Inc. builds durable, ergonomic, and stylish technology workstation solutions to improve the lives of healthcare workers. Since 2001, Altus has studied how real people work to enhance their workflow. Altus technology workstations offer optimized mobility, adjustability, access to patient data, and improved clinician well-being. Altus is based in Walker, Mich., and is one of the only U.S.-based technology workstation companies, with more than 80 percent of its product components manufactured in the United States.

NVIDIA is the pioneer of GPU-accelerated computing, specializing in products and platforms for the large, growing markets of gaming, professional visualization, data center, and automotive.

Elite partners represent the deepest level of partnership with NVIDIA and demonstrate the highest level of commitment to the partnership.

SONIFI Health provides industry-leading interactive patient engagement technology proven to improve patient outcomes and staff productivity. The EHR-integrated platform is designed to anticipate the needs of patients and clinicians, infusing the principles of hospitality into care experiences. As part of SONIFI Solutions, Inc., the company supports more than 300 million end user experiences annually. Learn more at NESA integrates with Sonifi Health enabling healthcare facilities to deliver the ultimate care experience.

  • Streamline workflows
  • Reduce call buttons
  • Improve education
  • Smart room controls
  • Pillow speaker controls
  • Epic Monitor and L-Bar integrations with embedded Virtual Care
  • 450+ Nationwide deployments