A NESA OptiKal™ Solution

OptiKal™ LI translates physical spaces into intelligent, digitally-empowered environments – intuitively integrating precision location, IoT sensors, and other data in real time to allow customers to visualize, improve, and automate their workflows.

Precision Location

Accurately pinpoint the exact, real-time location of people and objects with up to sub-foot tracking accuracy, utilizing any coordinate technology infrastructure – whether it’s current RF standards such as Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Ultra Wideband (UWB) or any new technology that emerges in the future.

IoT Sensors

Combine the power of precision location with the ability to manipulate the world around you by tapping into an unlimited network of seamlessly connected internet-enabled devices and sensors that feed the platform a continuous stream of data which is harnessed and integrated in real-time to empower our full suite of solutions.

OptiKal™ AI IoT Sensors screen


Transform physical spaces into intelligent digital twins and bring them to life on interactive maps to enable users to visualize spatial data, creating real-time location intelligence and experiences that empower scalable and cost-effective solutions. Users can easily define virtual areas within a map (i.e., geofences) of any size and shape, and create customized workflows that are tailored precisely to their needs.

OptiKal™ AI Visualization screen

Dynamic Workflows

Unlock the full power of OptiKal™ by creating and threading customizable business rules in which automated actions occur when predefined conditions are triggered, to dynamically replicate and automate real-world manual workflows. Interoperate with IoT devices, and send commands to devices or other systems based on workflow business rules, to unlock all kind of unique possibilities.

OptiKal™ AI Dynamic Workflows screen

Reporting & Analytics

Visualize and analyze real-time data with customizable real-time reporting and analytics that can be integrated with 3rd party BI tools - providing enriched information to help users better understand trends and patterns of behavior and, ultimately, make better business decisions.

OptiKal™ AI Reporting & Analytics screen

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