NESA Virtual Care Platform: Listed on Epic SHOWROOM

Published by Adam in Blog
April 26, 2024

As shown on the Epic SHOWROOM:

The NESA Virtual Care Platform™ enables innovative virtual care workflow solutions, empowering healthcare providers to deliver high quality care more safely and efficiently. NESA's AI-powered virtual care platform is embedded directly into Epic Monitor (ECAL-CAL) supporting virtual care and documentation all within the EHR environment. By enabling healthcare professionals to make more data-driven, real-time decisions, NESA greatly improves the delivery and timeliness of care.

NESA Virtual Care allows healthcare organizations to “expand their reach” in the delivery of patient care. NESA’s embedded platform allows clinicians to have the ease and confidence in using the technology to streamline their workflows and communicate with their patients in a more timely and effective manner, all of which increases patient care and patient satisfaction. About NESA Virtual Care Platform™ NESA Virtual Care is an integrated solution with AI technology that is embedded directly into Epic’s virtual care platform. The solution includes: • Best-in-class virtual care software, which seamlessly integrates computer vision, AI-powered predictive capabilities, two-way audio and video, natural language processing, and actionable analytics reporting • PTZ camera for two-way video communication • Picture-in-picture for up to 6 video feeds • Speaker for two-way audio communication • Flexible deployment options (e.g., fixed in-room camera and speaker, all-in-one wall-mounted unit, all-in-one mobile cart) The target customer for the NESA solution is any hospital utilizing Epic as their electronic health record (EHR) system. The solution enables and activates Epic’s ECAL and CAL, making it an ideal choice for healthcare organizations seeking to enhance their virtual care capabilities. NESA Virtual Care is embedded in Epic allowing for a familiar user experience while enabling endless virtual care workflows offering an array of benefits to patients, staff and the healthcare organization. NESA Virtual Care, along with its AI Technology enhances confidence with overall patient safety, acting as a second set of eyes in an effort to allow bedside nurses to spend more time with their patients, all while reducing the unnecessary or duplicate documentation.