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INSIGHT Location Intelligence is a robust, end-to-end cloud-based business information and communication platform that integrates People, Assets, Locations, Activities, Time and Rules to provide next-generation workflow automation and information management solutions to manage location-related data, streamline workflows, automate actions, and reduce the time it takes to complete daily tasks while improving regulatory compliance for healthcare any beyond.

“The Nesa Solutions product suite promises quantum leaps in safety, productivity and satisfaction. INSIGHT is a technology that will transform workflow in all aspects of the enterprise.”
Dr. Narendra Kini, President and CEO of Nicklaus Children’s Health System.

Crash Cart Management

For healthcare organizations, having life-saving equipment, medications and supplies in order and reviewed daily saves lives. There is simply no room for errors when it comes to daily crash cart checks. It is a daily process that requires an expansive level of resources. Our Crash Cart Management solution provides real-time interactive and dynamic planning, performing and monitoring of crash cart inspections; automates inventory control and emergency readiness; automates regulatory compliance and reporting requirements; and much more.

Environment of Care (EOC)

On a regular basis, hospitals conduct multiple inspections guided by a variety of disciplines to ensure adherence to both hospital and accreditation standards. Our Environment of Care solution provides a single application platform where all EOC functions connect – inspections are scheduled, assigned to staff and completed; data is collected electronically, with all required elements to complete the inspection; work orders/notifications are automatically generated; and performance statistics are automatically reported and trended through real-time dashboards.

PULSE (Physical to Digital)

Our PULSE solution enables real-time tracking and tracing of people and objects. Users can build dynamic business rules based upon their relative positions, including on-the-spot in any geofencing area they draw on an interactive map. Workflows such as asset management, people management, admissions tracking, patient security and hand hygiene are but a few of the deployed workflows powered by PULSE that we’ve brought together under a single, flexible architecture within INSIGHT.

Nesa Solutions, Inc. is a technology disruptor at the forefront of developing location intelligence. Our next-generation workflow automation and information management solutions dramatically reduce the complexity, inflexibility, time and expense associated with traditional business workflows and processes, as well as expose and reveal a depth and breadth of business intelligence that make them essential for businesses in all industries.

Led by Neil Salem, Nesa Solutions was established in 2014 with a blueprint to focus on innovation, leveraging a roster of visionary solutions developers and a culture of collaboration to take a leading global position in the digitalization and advancement of location intelligence. Our flagship product, INSIGHT Location Intelligence, is a robust, end-to-end cloud-based business information and communication platform for managing location-related data, streamlining workflows, automating actions, and reducing the time it takes to complete daily tasks while improving regulatory compliance.

INSIGHT is currently deployed at Nicklaus Children’s Health System, a world-renown leader in pediatric healthcare, across its 2.5 million-square-foot main campus located in Miami, Florida, demonstrating the enterprise-grade quality the solution can bring to healthcare and beyond.

Recipient of DNV-GL’s Global Innovation Award for 2018, we are headquartered in Miami, FL and operate globally with key strategic partnerships around the world.

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